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A different kind of LiveStream Test via the Inspire
884 1 2015-5-8
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All done now.
It seemed to go well. The video is processing, so I'll take another look at it after it is done. Seems to work really well if you have a nice strong internet connection.
Thanks to those who stopped by!

Hi all,
The weather isn't great for flying today, so I want to try something a little different.
I am going to start a livestream from my Inspire in my house where I have access to my home's internet connection. I expect that video and sound should be about perfect. But I want to see how it goes. I won't be flying at all, but will have the inspire sitting on a case with me facing it sitting on the sofa.
I'll have a laptop to watch the chatroom, so feel free to leave a question or comment.
I live in Japan, so questions about Japan, or drones in Japan, are fine. I don't have that much experience with drones outside of my Inspire, so not too knowledgable... Anyway. I'll be on by 10 minutes after the hour and expect about 20 minutes or so if you are interested.
The YouTube channel is (Not my main Inspire channel) if you are interested.
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I have seen other live streams, but up to now, yours was the best quality (720p).
I'm testing the live streaming too, in a way that the live stream will not stop after a flight.
In short : More than 1 flight with the same live stream. (up to 8 hours) and with announcement when it goes live.
It works, just need some more tests and then i post my findings on how i did this.

Anyways, nice demo you did here. You made my day
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