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Feature Request: Low Latency mode
969 0 2015-5-9
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Hi guys:
I've been flying with the P3 Pro for a week now and I have to say that I'm mostly impressed with my new toy.
The one thing thing that I miss, as I say in the thread title, is some kind of low latency mode, maybe sacrificing some features in the pilot app like the map or anything not essential, because I find that while recording 4k, it's a jerk festival and make it very difficult to produce smooth output when you need precise manouvering. Beside this, if you fly at enviroments with obstacles, like in the street, with buildings, wires, etc. it's very dangerous. I do these kinds of shots for promotion purposes with permits from the local authority and I find myself having to get back to my "old" P2+GOPRO combo  just for security reasons, but I would like to use the P3 because of it's much better control precission and better camera, but what's the point of having a bird this precise when you lose it all in the video transmission?
I hope somebody listen, and make this, if technically posible, available in the near future.
Use props
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