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416 0 2018-5-4
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Andrew Solomon
Flight distance : 11604 ft

Hi, I'm new owner of a Spark and i love it but i have some sugestions  that could be easy to implement and it's not limited by hardware.
Most of the beautiful shoots are at sunset when we need as mush dynamic range as posible so option to change to a flat profile would be great to keep as much details as posible.
I find the default contrast curve too extreme on the spark and can't bring too much details back from the shadows at this bitrate without inducing noise.
Videos are a bit too oversharpened and have too much contrast by default.

I'm sure me and many others need an option too change to a flat picture profile for video.
If possible also to increase the bitrate of the video. At current bitrate 1080p lose details  and with the sharpen added to overcome that creates some blocky pixels especailly where is foliage in the shot. I suggest to increase bitrate and decrease sharpness and should look much better with less contrast and should look much better.

Mavic Pro have the same sensor and have pictures profiles so Spark is limited just by the software and nothing more.
I don't ask for 4k or 2,7k but something that would make Spark much better for photo/video amateurs like me.
Don't tell it's for a type of consumers and it's like this to be easy to use. I'm sure those would not dig so deep in menus to change that.

Hope we get an update soon.
Thank you!

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