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Mavic Air First 360 - Drone versus ICE Stitched
430 0 2018-5-24
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Still learning the Mavi Air, so one of my goals for yesterday was to learn how to do a 360 pano.  The location is ordinary -- this wasn't about taking a beautiful pano, just learning how to do it.

The first version is the version off the SD card.  Overall I think drone does a decent job of stiching and filling in the missing sky.  Unfortunately, there is ghosting in the worst and most noticiable places as one of the buildings is very blurry.  

The second version I  used ICE in the automatic mode to stich and then Photoshop Elements to add the missing sky.  ICE seemed to do a better job stiching overall, but there is still some ghosting (one of the water towers has a ghost right above it).  The biggest issue with this version was as I was making skying in Elements, I was workig with the flat object so while the sky looked ok when flat, when you put the edges together, there is the awful line where the edges were "folded" together and the colors don't match at all.  That is something i can obviously fix if I had the time or desire, but since this was just a learning lessons for me, I left it. It woudl probably be easier just to use a single sky color for the top, but I tried to clone in clouds and such. ICE also left a small line where it stiched those edges together as well.

Lessons learned:
- If you want something to quickly show, the drone does a decent job of getting something out there.
- If you want something nicer you need to put in some effort. ICE is a good start, I need to learn what I can and can't do there and see if something else is needed
- Don't foget the edges when finishing the top of the pano
- I love Skypixel

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