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List of troubles after new FW (help!)
1007 2 2015-5-17
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it seems that DJI don't check their FW before they release, very annoying. Shame.

I bought a second i1 ( the first crashed after a signal lost and e repair won't be in time to finish the job) and after the FW update I'm having lots of troubles that shouldn't be there:

1) Gimbal: no matter I calibrate/adjust properly the gimbal, the camera is out of level. I have to adjust that every moment in flight and eve though it doesn't keep for too long. Many shots/ flights spoiled causing money and time wasted.
2) Slave rc: from 150m the slave looses the signal, even if clearly without any obstacle in between rc and aircraft. My partner cannot use the gimbal control as it should...
3) master rc: much weaker signal and simply losses also all flight data (altitude, distance etc...) making impossible to continuous a shot that must be a sequence  (begin and and). Did all check everyday. Both controllers were re linked  twice and calibrated.
3) the i1 tends to go to the righ and don't keep well the altitude (I need stability to fly safe close to lakes and trees!), no matter I calibrate and recalibrate properly the IMU.
4) the image delay and responses to rc are increased.
If I have to send my bird to DJI repair or inspectin every time it has troubles it's better not having their aircrafts!

Come on DJI, for the price I paid for both birds I should have a much more reliable product!

Any help? Thanks!
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danilo rottigni
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I agrede On many poli ts. I also hace a strong issue now with the aircraft. I was about to shoot a House 200meters away from the restricted arrea of an airport, a sign came out telling me that, however ir did not say not to fly, therefore I started to calibrate the IMU but when it was at 30% the aircraft started a strong continuous beep and the  signal got lost. I moved away from that location but it kept doing it, so I quit and went Home, nevertheless  the problem persisted so I got in touch with DJI via Chat but after 2 days they could not find the couse and told me to send it to L.A. Before doing so I am asking around to see if somebody else had the same trouble
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I agree DJI must fix this issues as soon as possible,
i confirm the issues
1) gimbal not level
2) the altitude lost is also happen even if the inspire 1 is not moving and hovering in the air, is loosing about 1-2 meters and after a while is going up again 1-2 meters to the original position without touching the sticks ,, in the pilot app the altitude remains the same, i try it many times to different locations and it's happen every time.
3)Week or loss video feed...... after 300 meters the signal become weak, i try all the suggestions with no luck of improvement.

I made also all the IMU - GIMBAL calibrations and i don't see any improvements on that issues.

As mauricio.copett said the price of bird is high but the product it is not reliable to the price.
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