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Bad Repair Quote to Excellent Service.
623 1 2018-6-28
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Im going to share my experience with DJI REPAIR  process. A bit ago i whent to flight my Spark and when i hit the power Button on the Battery as usual the gimbal when Crazy,twitching from left to right violently i got scare and turn the power off to Restart it and see if it would Stop.When i powered it back on there was no movement at all ,Video and Camara worked fine but no stabilazation of the gimbal.i had an error massege on the screen that read: GIMBAL GIROSCOPE ERROR,HADRWARE MALFUNCTIONBContact DJI. So i emailed themb soon after i got directions on what to do to start the repair request. I went throug it and they send me a free shipping lavel.shipped it out to Texas. After 2 days i rwvieved a Unespected quote of $177. $112 for the gimbal and $65 for repair.i was disturbed by this as i did not even know what was the damage since i never crashed and im too carefull with my things and i been flighting RC.since 1990. Any ways i got on the forum to see if someone else had this issue and explaned the this was not my fault as it happened on its own and someone from DJI i think Samantha greeted me with an apology and ask for me to send the case number to further check.pls understand that at this point my Drone was only 3 month old. They got back at me and ask to send the flight log which there was none as this malfunction happened before i can even connect to the app. Then i got a new email that read that the repairs would be Covered under wuarranty.YEY!!!! Lol thing is that i seen a different serial number that the one i had on my drone and was afraid that i now get a refurbished drone with alot of use and will breack down again so i got back on this forum and asked,i got a reply explaining how things work and was insured to get a new or as new Drone back so i layed my trust on DJI. 3 days later i recieved my Drone and was curious to see what was in the nice new Box diferent from the one i sent.there wan a what seams to be a brand new Spark it even had the Original Sensor and Camara Protective film, i look for any traces of ware or nick and there was nothing dat will indicate that this was an used Drone.i whent as far as sniffing the motors lol and honestly i believe that this is a new Drone or if is Refurbished i cant even tell
Im so Happy and satisfied with the Service i got from DJI many ppl write bad things here and i can tell that most of it is due to not knowing what they doing,breaking the Product and dont asume the responsability of their own faul bit from my experience this is the best Service i ever got from an RC. Company ever and im so really thankful to the great staff on this forum.i really apresiate you guys great Work tours Customers. So i want to say, thank you thank you thank you thank you DJI for such a awesome and great communication and customer care. I will always recomend your Servises to anyone looking for the best..thank you again and again.lolim a SUPER HAPPY CUSTOMER FOR EVER..LOL
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Hi thanks for reaching DJI Forum, We're happy that you were able to fly again with your DJI Spark. We always look forward to give the best CUSTOMER SERVICE we can offer. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Have a safe flight always!
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