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Solution For Live Feed Video Lag distortion Problem
317 0 2018-7-5
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Many of the Mavic owners are having Live Feed Video lag and pixel issues on their mobile devices. This makes flying the Mavic unsafe and unsable.  I made a post on another thread about why I had to switch to Apple device, but the I thought of a better solution:

  DJI should include a Crystal Sky integrated with the controller for all future drones.  They could offer different screen size options. This would resolve a vast majority of the their complaints and save money on software deveopment for the DJI Go 4 App.  I would also like to see DJI lower the price on the Crystal Sky, its to expensive.

Please let me know if you think this a good or bad idea, I dont see any other solutions for Android at this time. Rolling back firmware and Go4 apps versions is at most a bandaid that locks you out of future updates.
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