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Upgrade to X5R or Mavic 2 Pro
2768 3 2018-8-24
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Just wondering what people think of the new Mavic 2 Pro specs.

Is it worth upgrading during this sale to an X5R camera (~$2300) for Inspire 1 or safe money and get the new Mavic (~1450)?
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DJI Wanda

Hi. Sorry for the late response. You might want to take a look for the specification of the Mavic 2 series' camera:
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If you move to the X5R and want to get the most of it, make sure you have plentiful computer power and HDD space, Raw files are gluttons for  processing power and disk space not to mention greedy for your time, takes a lot longer to process too. With the Mavic you will not have any of these issues, however, if you are looking for the absolute best image quality regardless of all the "extras" that come with it, either the X5R or an Inspire 2 with X7 are your cup of tea, only consideration is money. The Mavic Pro 2 will cost you a lot less, has the "Hasselblad" camera, is compact and really portable and arguably the best handling in the business.
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depends on what you want to do with it.

Raw files are a nightmare to work with unless you're properly set up for them.
plus the portability is poor, compared to the mavic.

are you coming from an X3 on the inspire or an x5?

if its an X3, id say go with the mavic essentially because you wont have a collection of lens' to take advantage of.
if its the x5, your choice is a bit tougher. id recommend leapfrogging to the inspire 2 with an X5s and pick up the prores licence for it.
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