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RC Calibration, RC MA fw reset doesnt help, False input
327 1 2018-9-23
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Qi Yuan

Tried everything mentioned in this forum including IMU, compass and rc calibraion. Problems still persists.
Even reset and refreshed my RC and MA firmware

the following is my problem in details:
RC mode 2

My mavic air started behaving strangely sometimes, everytime I fly it backwards, it is unable to maintain its altitude and will move downwards and backwards at the same time without any left stick input

The same happens when i fly forward, it is unable to maintain its altude and will move upwards while flying forward without any left stick input, once again.

sometimes the problem will go off but recently my controller started beeping the second it was turned on and I'm unable to stop the beeping unless i go to controller calibration

but i noticed:

1)there's a 100% input on my left stick upward when i push my right stick up (forward) to 100%

2)there's a 100% input on my left stick downward when i push my right stick down (backwards) to 100%

Controller Calibration Doesn't Fix the False Input on Left Stick

I tried doing MA firmware reset as suggested by forum admins. that didnt help. now my rc keeps blinking everytime i turn it on.

what should i do now? is there any workarounds for this?

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United Kingdom

Hate to say but if the issue persists after this much trouble shooting the next step is to contact DJI support and return the drone as a defective unit.
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