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Hauling a Phantom 3 SE on my ATVs / UTVs
365 2 2018-11-13
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I was on the Hatfield / McCoy trails in WV last week. The most awesome fall views you could imagine, but no drone to fly. I'm not trying to be cheap, (really I guess I am), but a 3-$400 case seems a bit much for a $600 drone, phantom 3 SE. So I wonder, is a $60 HUL aluminum case good enough? I can keep it dry, i'm more concerned about the bounce. I could add more foam to stablize the camera. Would prefer to leave the props on. any thoughs???
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Aloha BD,

      The aluminum case is fine, but you will need a custom form fitting interior to cushion your P3 SE.  There are foam "rubber" cutters that are basically hot-wires, some straight and designed like very long soldering iron (and more like a wand).  Some are like large cheese cutters, the wire type.  All of the cutters are electric and work on a number of different forms of foam but be sure to wear a filter mask to breath because it can get real toxic.

     Until you get to that level of craftsmanship, you can use the box the P3 SE came it and put it in the aluminum box with foam holding it in place to control the bounce (as you note).  You can also take out the formed cardboard and install it directly in the aluminum case but be sure to not damage the formed cardboard.  You can use the formed cardboard to help you design the cuts on the foam when you create your case linings.

     Hope this helps!

Aloha and Drone On!
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Hello and good day Bikingdawg. Thank you for sharing this information with us. You may also check out the Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack (Refurbished Unit). For reference I will be posting a link that will show the specification of the said backpack ... v2&position=19. Thank you.
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