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Ronin MX control on M600 pro
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United Kingdom

Hi forum,

I've been searching through old posts but can't seem to find the solution to a problem I've been having with the Ronin MX on the Matrice 600 pro.

When I manouver the drone left and right whilst in flight, the MX rotates with it and doesn't keep a level horizon. Naturally I took the MX off the drone and had a play with the settings, only to find that when I replicated moving left and right the MX is keeping thr camera upright and level to the horizon. I saw another post where someone was asking about the M600 pro taking over some of the MX controls but they didn't come to any conclusion.

Does anyone know if this is correct and that the drone takes or changes MX control? If so does anyone know how to change or disable this control?

Thanks in advance!
1-4 07:58
Use props
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United States

I've had this happen too.  I don't know the fix, but it seems like there are settings in the DJI Go app for the gimbal.  I know that doesn't help much but it might be something in there.
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Use props
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