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Pressing on screen to focus doesn't work well ( + 1 idea)
490 1 2019-1-20
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Using 1.03 firmware, when I press on the screen to focus somewhere(not the active tracking double press), it does focus, and the yellow square indicating focusing appears where I press, but then after a while if I move the camera or something moves on the scene, the square tries to focus again in the center of the image, not where I pressed. I would say that it would be best if it wouldn't try to refocus at all until stop recording when it can be switched to AFC again for next clips.

If I press to focus on the screen I want it to be like a temporary override to AFS that area and stop focusing until I stop recording or until I press again in another area to focus. I think this is easy to fix and I think it is important.

A way to disable the temporary override to focus without having to stop recording, would be to double press to activate active tracking and then press to deactivate the tracking, then it would become AFC as normal again.

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To get the best active tracking from your Osmo Pocket it is best to have it connected to your phone and draw a box with your finger around the subject you wish to track. The tracking you get on the Osmo Pockets screen seems mainly to be facial recognition and not as good at tracking anything other than faces. I think with such a narrow depth of field view, AFS would not be that accurate in most situations but I'm not sure what you are specifically taking footage of.
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