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Sad times
252 4 2019-2-10
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United Kingdom

I lost my drone yesterday and can't find it using find my drone as it became disconnected from remote I pressed return home back I believe the wind took it away. So don't look like I. Getting it back. What's my best way forward? If I just brought a new spark would my original fly more remote connect to it?. Ps I also go gps cordinates from flight record by still drone not there.     
                 Many thanks Andy.
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DJI Tony
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Hi, we're sorry to know about the incident that happens to your drone. I would recommend syncing your flight records using the DJI GO 4 app and contact our support using the link below. Regarding using a new drone, yes, you may link the old RC to your new aircraft for as long as the RC and aircraft are up to date. Sorry that we couldn't comprehend the concern for GPS correctly, would it be possible if you could elaborate this concern for us to address it properly? For additional information, if the product would be under-warranty our team will proceed with the investigation to provide an appropriate resolution depending on the outcome, however, if the product is out of warranty then I'm afraid that we couldn't offer flight analysis with regard to the incident.  Please keep us posted on the latest progress. Thank you for continued support.
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That's terrible news. I've had a couple instances where my Spark has gone haywire and had a mind of its own. To answer your question though, yes everything will sync up with your controller if just got a new Spark.

But go out hunting for it bud, these Sparks are pretty durable, well mine has been at least. Multiple hard impacts and lost it in a river once.
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Keep in mind the altitude the drone was, the direction it was flying and its speed. No widen your search area into the flight direction. I found my Spark 300 meters away from the last know point in "find my drone"
Good luck!
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" I believe the wind took it away."  

So (try to) calculate the windspeed and direction from "find my drone" position, the left airtime before it will land and start searching ;-)

Good luck

Edit: And upload the flightlog to phantom help, post the link.
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Perhaps some guys here taking a look and getting you a more "on the spot" calculation

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