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Osmo Mobile VS Mobile 2
685 1 2019-2-13
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DJI Benji

Hey. Has anyone tried or owned both Osmo Mobile devices?

I’m looking into purchasing one and the current price difference of only $30 and mixed reviews of each of them has it made it hard to choose.

What would you buy
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DJI Natalia


Hi there, thank for reaching out. Regardin that, here is the difference with Osmo Mobile and Osmo Mobile 2:

1) Gimbal and Handle:
The Osmo Mobile's gimbal is made of magnesium alloy while that of the Osmo Mobile 2 is plastic. The material of the Osmo mobile handle is plastic as well.
The Osmo Mobile 2 is locked with a spring and a Holder Lock Knob and the gimbal can be rotated vertically by 90 degrees and the mobile phone can be placed vertically. However, the Osmo Mobile is locked with a Holder Lock Knob only.
The position of the control buttons on the handle is changed. The System Status LED is on the upper right of the handle. The zoom dial is on the left of the Osmo Mobile 2 while the charging Micro USB port on the right. The USB power port is at the back of the Osmo Mobile 2 and the power button, shutter button, and record button are at the front of the Osmo Mobile 2. Press and hold the power button to turn the Osmo Mobile 2 on or off.
When the Osmo Mobile 2 is turned on, press the Trigger once to enable Lock Mode. Quickly tap the Trigger twice to center the mobile phone. Tap it three times to switch between your phone's front and rear cameras.
The limit buckles of the Osmo Mobile 2 motors are mounted outside of the axes.
A screw hole is added to the bottom of the Osmo Mobile 2 handle.
2) Accessories: The Osmo Mobile 2's accessories cannot be used for the Osmo Mobile.
3) App: DJI GO needs to be used.
4) Battery: The battery is built into the Osmo Mobile 2.
5) The compatible mobile phone: for the Osmo Mobile 2 does not support Iphone Se/5S size phone in vertical mode. For more information, you may visit this link: ... ndsite&from=nav for specs comparison. Should you have further question, please let us know. Thanks for choosing DJI.
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