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OSMO video skips between files - Alternatives to OSMO?
254 0 2019-3-15
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United States

I just had the unfortunate event that I was recording about a 20-minute long clip of video. The file was split into two on the SD card. That was not a big deal. I've seen that before in other products due to file size limitations. What I wasn't expecting, however, was that there was a gap of time between the two files.

Reading other forum posts here, I see that it is a known issue. I wish I had known. It seriously caused me problems.

I won't be using my OSMO any longer. At all. I can't risk such an event occuring in the future.

I have read that the OSMO+ has the same problem.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for other products that would work better? My needs are:

Up to 4k, external mic input, decent battery life, stereo recording ability preferred

Any help is appreciated!

Use props
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