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How to fly in FCC mode
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Puerto Rico

Hi. I'm from Puerto Rico, new to the drone community, and recently sent my Spark for a range test and flew 3214 ft (.6 miles) before loosing signal and returning home safely. I went into the drone specs page and checked back on it supposedly could reach 1.2 miles (of course, under certain conditions) Then went into the 'net and read about changing de frequency to 2.4. I went to the settings and I cannot change it because it gives me only options for the 5.8 channel mode (auto and custom). Read some more and learned that if at any point I selected Change Wi Fi settings when the warning appeared I could hace switched to CE instead of FCC. Then that if at the channel screen I see 13 channels I'm on CE mode, if I see 11 I'm on FCC... and I see 13.... Honestly, I'm getting  lost. Can anyone help me understand or suggest the right procedure or settings so I can deploy the full potential of the Spark? Thanks in advance. Screenshot_20190315-084124.jpg
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Hello and good day CLugo. I am sorry for the trouble and thank you for the inquiry. The aircraft will locate the country and region according to the condition of the mobile device. The GPS of the aircraft switch to the standards in accordance with local laws and regulations. Therefore, Spark cannot manually switch among FCC, CE, and SRRC. We highly recommend abiding your local policies when in terms of using the drone to avoid conflict and incident as well. Thank you for continued support.
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Maybe this will help you ;-)
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as sigsparky said
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