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Problem with N3
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Hi Guys,
I was installing my N3 on a custom build and have had some problems with it.

DJI Assistant 2 is displaying 0 volts on the battery, even with a fully charged battery (I tried 3 different batteries).
The compass is displaying an error even though the GPS is connected to the PMU

The PMU itself is displying a red LED, which the manual says is a critical error, but I have no idea why.

The LED module is continuously cycling through all of the colours. The manual says blinking red, green and yellow is the system running a diagnostic test, however this is also blinking blue and purple

I tried a to refresh the firmware but I got an error: 1d00 Pmu device not connected!

I'm running DJI Assistant version 2.0.3

It seems to be a similar issue reported in these threads, but there is no resolution posted:

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance



3-17 13:49
Use props
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