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How to stream to Facebook publisher with RTMP (YES IT WORKS)
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Long story short, I seached without sucess for a solution to this matter.

Then I found this topic that states that the feed connection is not possible, due to the already known error.

So let me publish my first post and hopefully help someone in the process.

Some notes:

- Be advised that Facebook will deprecate RTMP non secure connections at 1st May, so DJI must address at least this protocol issue before this date, so that at least we can stream using RMTP. But it still works until that date.

- This tutorial implies access via Desktop to your Facebook page. If you only use the phone, it will assume you want to use the camera phone. Maybe Facebook but using mobile version is also possible, havent tested though.

Here we go:

- Go to your Facebook page and select LIVE VIDEO
- You will be redirected to a page where 2 options arise at the top - CAMERA & CONNECT - Select connect
- Now, at the right, select where to publish the live broadcast - It can be in your timeline or page you manage (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THIS BEFORE ANYTHING SINCE THE KEY IS DIFFERENT FOR EACH PAGE/PROFILE
- Now open DJi Go and choose RTMP streaming
- Copy URL and Stream Key somewhere where you can share with your mobile and copy paste it on the DJiApp
- The Stream Key is to be paste after the URL provided so the format in DJi Go will be:
         rtmp:// key)

As soon as you press go in the app you will be able to see the preview on that same page where you took the RTMP credentials. Give a description, configure post as you like and GO LIVE.

I'm doing live streams with 2 sources, phone camera and Mavic Air and then stream to Facebook As long as you have at least 3 Mbits of upload you can do 720p at 30fps easy

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Quik update - In order to publish the stream at bussiness page, you must use Bussiness Manager, even if on personal profile you choose to publish in a page you manage. It will post directly to your personal profile. Here is my trial with these settings -
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Thank you this was very helpful
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