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Mavic 2 Pro Lightroom White Balance
3602 7 2019-4-21
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Hi everyone,

I’m having a lot more trouble than used to editing the RAW . dng files from the Mavic 2 Pro.

Currently I’m traveling with just my iPad Pro using Lightroom CC. My problem is that when I import my photos I have a hard time color correcting.

Starting off with the white balance. I usually shoot with manual white balance, however when trying to edit the white balance in Lightroom CC, using the default presets like Daylight, Cloudy, etc generates very extreme colors.

Furthermore, I feel like I’m missing a “natural” color profile. From my understanding there isn’t one?
Shadows and the image in general always feels a bit more blue than I would expect.

Any tips would be great:
Which camera settings do you use on the drone?
What is your Lightroom workflow?
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DJI Stephen
DJI team

Hello and good day. Thank you for reaching out. I hope you'll get the best tips, information and recommendation here from our valued DJI Co pilots who uses the Adobe Lightroom in editing there shots. Thank you.
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DJI Tony


Hi, we're sorry to know about this situation. We're sure that our valued DJI Forum members would provide the best recommendations on using this said editor software and also the camera settings that would suit to your needs. Thank you for continued support.
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as I know, there isn't free Lightroom color profiles to correct white balance in Mavic 2 Pro's raw files. You can try ... o-Lightroom-Presets (is non-free) presets, but I don't know if there are ok.

In my opinion, I suggest to try white balance correction taking a photo of a white (or, better, a neutral gray) piece of paper in the same light of the final image, and correct the white using this shot.
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First and foremost, is your screen properly calibrated?  If its not then you're just guessing at the colours and each screen will render differently.

A "natural colour profile" isn't going to change anything as we're talking with RAW files here.

From my experience the M2 DNG files tend to be a little on the warm side for my liking so i often end up backing them off a bit.

Maybe if you post a DNG here people can have a better look?
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raico rosenberg
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Has anyone else found a solution to this issue? I recently purchased a 2nd hand Mavic 2 and was disappointed how lightroom doesn’t apply their profiles.. also disappointed at the Mavics RAW files, I didn’t expect stellar performance but I didn’t realise it was that bad.. on the good side, sharpness is great except for outer borders.

I’m getting some really off colours, sky is a strong blue and some magenta’s in places in the image. shadows have weird tones.. with colour noise at +1 stop in post at ISO 100. mind you I do have experience with colours as I’ve been a photographer for 10 years and have a good calibrated monitor.

I tried managing the files in Hasselblads PHOCUS software but didn’t find much difference.

The Mavic 2 is supposed to have 16bit files and 12 stops dynamic range.. heck even my files from my old Nikon D300 with 12 stops and 14 bits behave way better!

I got a colour checker at home so will try that out tonight with lightroom.
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A few things.
The camera calibration profile is baked into the DNG itself so as with most other devices that output DNGs, you cant apply a profile on top.  You CAN however create a profile based on whatever you want via the DNG editor.
I dont see any odd colour issues other than the image is slightly too warm to my liking so i back it off in post on import.

The mavic does not have 16 bit files.  This is just due to the DNG wrapper.  DNGs can be in 8 bit or 16 bit format.  Any camera data more than 8 bit has to go into a 16 bit wrapper (so although the file can contain up to 16 bit, it doesnt mean you have 16 bits of data).

This link by someone that used to work for DJI/Hasselblad during the M2 development is useful:- ... mavic-2-pro-review/

"At base ISO, we have a solid 11.5-12 stops of usable DR; a bit more if you are careful with exposure and post processing."

That claim seems broadly correct from my experience.
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How are you getting the DNGs onto your ipad,  I didnt think DJI go4 supported saving the DNGs to the camera roll?
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