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Battery Error - Matrice 600 Pro
1471 0 2019-5-9
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Flight distance : 463 ft
Saudi Arabia

Hi there,

We purchased brand new Matrice 600 Pro from Dubai on April 17, 2019. I just got the shipment to Saudi Arabia last week. When I tried to test the drone, I got "Battery Error" in the DJI go app. After some investigation, the error was "Battery Cell error". I checked battery status and discovered bat #4 was the defective one. I let the batteries on to discharge to 5%. But when it reached 40% error has gone, test the motor and everything seems to be fine, didn't fly but arm only. I then continued to drain them to 5%. Then I fully recharged all to 100%. When I inserted the batteries again, I had the same previous issue: "Battery Error", followed by "Battery cell error".  

some screenshots for bat status are attached. Now, Battery #4 showing 4.30v, 4.30v, 4.30v, 4.30v, 4.30v, 4.13v.

I need help here. The drone needed to start filming/photographing a project in 2 weeks and it is really frustrating right now.

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