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Ribbon Cable Question
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Does anyone know that if a damaged/bad cable will actually make the gimbal freak, or does it just distort and screw up the data going thru it.  Troubleshooting a problem.  P3P has gimbal issues mainly during sideways flight.  I'm also thinking it could be the ND filter which the style I got with the bird is pretty heavy.  Thx  Bolton
5-12 13:29
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The first thing I would suggest is to remove the ND filter, put the original UV filter back on and see what happens. The gimbal motors are very small and do not like heavy loads placed on them.
5-12 14:03
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From experience, if the ribbon flat  cable that runs alle along the motors and the camera  is damaged or not well seated, it can and will make the gimbal go freaky. If you refer to the multi cable that connects the gimbal to the bottom of the drone that one can screw up the data and results in a poor image. If the ND filter is for the P3 it should work.
The ribbon flat cable is so fragile that the damage often is hard to see. It's the one part that with most P3 have to be replaced in their lifetime.
5-12 14:04
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. If there will be a problem with the internal components of the aircraft, the DJI GO application would provide a prompt message for our customer to be notified. However, if you're having a problem with your gimbal, we would recommend re-calibrating the gimbal and test the aircraft at low altitude. Please pay attention to the application to see if there will be an error message. Please keep us posted on the latest progress.
5-12 16:12
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