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Wind and the intelligent battery
490 2 2019-6-24
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I have noticed that the intelligent battery doesnt take the wind into account for calculating the amount of remaining battery needed to take the drone back home. This could be easily calculated by the drone by registering the angle of the drone and the power consumed for a given speed. So watch out when flying out with a tail wind - you might not have enough battery to be able so return home. For me this has happened 3 times in as many years usually resulting in an emergency landing then walking for a while to pick up the drone.

Happy flying. Be safe. Always
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Thanks for the hint.
I just  think that this "not taking in account" is the reason, that the Go4 uses in general just under 2/3 of the max speed in Sport (DJI Spark at least) for an RTH:
In case the Wind is high, still 36 kph should be possible, mostly is.
I have had not many flights, where fling direct in the wind was less then 36kph, in Sport.

And IF it slows really down, it is often enough to take the nose a bit out of the wind.
Some degrees  more left or more right gets you often almost full speed, again.
And later coming back from there is also "wind from the side.

Perhaps the video is cranking, but the bird is at the Homeoint. Or close by.

I have experience in such situations.
I cancel most battery RTH, finish what I am on, fly it back in Sport then and...., s..t, that is maybe not quick enough, change the course a bit, ok, better ! ;-)
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Hi, thanks for sharing this tips to our valued DJI Forum members. Yes, the wind should be considered when flying the drone as this may consume battery power depending on the position of the drone. Thank you for continued support.
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