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P4 RTK without corrections GCP GNSS
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I have a P4 RTK and I want to use it without corrections by GCP / GNSS or NTRIP, the goal is to map agricultural areas.
I will use Agisoft Metashape for processing.
Will I have a very large horizontal and vertical error?
As for Agisoft Metashape, are there any workflows for P4 RTK in this software?
Thank you so much

9-9 06:10
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Hi Fans,

I would advise against it. RTK drones aren't cheap, and what you're asking can be done be a less specialized drone like a mavic 2 pro or phantom 4 pro, which have better flight planning abilities as well.

To answer your question, all I can really say is that you'd be introducing error. The extent is hard to say, but bear in mind that the processing of the images is iterative and your "first guess" isn't a good one since there are no corrections applied. You'd be basing your camera calibration on the key points from the features within the images, which could probably done if the agricultural land is "neat".

Ballpark guess: 3-5 m error for the points in the point cloud if solutions can be made.
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Your first question is not possible to answer. What is a "very large horizontal and vertical error"? It all depends on the requirements of your project and the ways you intend to use the data. Only you can define the tolerances you need to meet.

I'm not sure why one would want to use an RTK-capable A/C and not at least take advantage of PPK, which can be done without using NTRIP or the D-RTK-2 base.  Using RTK is pretty simple with the P4RTK as well. The workflows are documented here and all over the web. And as  fansbcb29bc3 mentioned, if you really don't want to mess with RTK or PPK then you could use a much less expensive UAS to get the same results.

With no GCPs and no use of RTK/PPK then 3-5m horizontal error is not a bad guess. Vertical error is likely to be worse. But you'll have no idea what the error actually is unless you use some sort of checkpoints. If not having a way to quantify error is acceptable for your project requirements, then that's no big deal.

It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. "Map agricultural areas" might be the goal, but what does that actually mean? Unless you have a feel for the accuracy requirements there is no way to evaluate whether a given workflow will be appropriate or not.
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