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Could not type into login fields - here is my solution
129 0 2019-11-7
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I've recently reactivated an old Samsung Galaxy S4 to use it with my Osmo Mobile 1, installed the DJI Go 3 App and had to log in again. But when I tapped on one of the fields, the screen keyboard poppe up but there was no cursor to type something in!
Reinstalling didn't help, switching from stock android keyboard to a 3rd party screen keyboard didn't help, so the the app was unusable. Very sad, shame on you, DJI programmers!
But I've found a tricky solution:
To make this work, you'll need
- a USB OTG cable
- a USB keyboard (Any normal Pc keyboard will do)
Then deactivate the on-screen keyboard on your phone in the Android settings.

Next open up the DJI Go app and tap into the login fields.
You will see the cursor and will be able to type in your login data with the USB keyboard!

Although I am happy to be able to use the Osmo again, I honestly am questioning why on earth I am forced to register a Gimbal online, before I am allowed to use it!

Use props
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