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Sorry - 3rd party apps like Mimo can't do everything you want.
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I keep seeing requests for DJI to implement features for Android devices in Mimo which might exist in the particular phone's own camera app, but which can't be implemented using a 3rd party app like Mimo.  For instance, 60fps shooting or use of lenses which are unique to particular devices.

Unless the manufacturers of the phone have released the means for third parties such as DJI to access such features, DJI can't provide what is being requested.

Now if you are confident that an app like Open Camera does offer the feature you are requesting for your phone, that's different.  It shows that it's at least possible.  But then for DJI to implement the feature, it might be necessary for them to code it for that particular device.  And then, separately, for another device.  And so on.  It might not be a small ask.

Having said that, I have 3rd party apps on my phone which will control shutter speed, ISO, aspect ratio, and suchlike, and it would seem that DJI could provide that sort of thing same as other developers have.  Please...

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Can’t wait for Filmic pro to be compatible, all problems sorted hopefull.
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Id like them to support all the lens and add zooming to the hyperlapse feature.
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Hi, thank you for reaching out to us with your inquiry for the DJI Mimo. Your query and suggestions are very important to us. We will forward this recommendation to our designated DJI support team for further attention. Thank you.
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