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Export media from DJI Go
533 0 2019-12-12
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I've preordered the Osmo Mobile 2 so I've had it since it launched. Unfortunately I have not really had a need to export media out of the app. Now I want to. HOW?
In the Editor, if I choose the share function, I get either 'Video must be shorter than 10 minutes' or 'Video cannot exceed 500MB'
In the Editor, if I choose Save video to your Device, I get instantly 'Failed to save file'
In the Camera - Video Thumbnails - Select video - Save, I get 'Save Failed - The operation couldn't be completed (PHPhotosErrorDomain error -1.)
In iTunes, with the Phone connected, File Sharing, DJI GO Document, if I try to save videoCache, I get 'videoCache could not be copied because an error occured. An unknown error occured (-1426)

iPhone Photos Privacy settings for DJI Go are 'Read and Write'

That's all the ways I found in these forums how people have succeeded getting their media off the app, none of them worked for me. I've got almost two years worth of footage in there!

Adding salt to the wound, all recordings I have done in December including a important launch concert, have a static pop sound every second or so troughout the whole video. This must have been introduced in version 3.1.58 or 59, because videos I made during summer have no pops. Not that it matters, because I can't get the media off the device!!!!!!

DJI Osmo - Great device, horrible software. At this point, completely useless, as it holds my media hostage.
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