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Mavic Pro controller shuts down after daughterboard replacement
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I managed to break the usb port on the side of my controller.So I replaced the daughterboard.
works fine with the cable to the phone but as soon as I plug it into anything else (I have tried multiple cables which work with the other controller) it will turn off and then will not turn back on until the battery has been disconnected and then reconnected.
Maybe somthing got shorted when the usb port broke initially?
wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
I have another controller so am going to start swapping parts out to locate the issue but wanted to check here first.
Many Thanks.
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Hi. Thank you for reaching out to DJI Forum, I hope that our valued DJI members can provide you the best information for this inquiry. In addition, just a friendly reminder that DJI does not recommend to do any DIY repair cause this may cause additional damage on the said device. I would recommend to please contact our DJI Support Team to diagnose and repair the said remote controller. Please note that the repair cost will depend on the said warranty period of the said remote controller otherwise, valid charges will apply. Thank you.
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