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Xoar turns out much better. BEST PROP inspire 1
623 1 2020-1-9
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Flight distance : 1495906 ft

Ok so I retested xoar props and the results turns out better this time. They're the best prop for the inspire 1.
Because all my batteries were already fully charged for 24 hours or over prior to the xoar testing, it caused low voltage.
The voltage of the xoar is the same as the stock ones. But motors are much cooler.
I ignorantly freaked out and made a very bad conclusion (false alarm).

I am so sorry for the previous bad reaction and bad review. I really made a big mistake and I will correct every negative thing I have said. Xoar does make the best propeller and so sorry for my carelessness in this case.
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day. Thank you for sharing these information and for sharing your experience with regards to this issue. Thank you for your support.
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