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DJI Phantom 3 4K Gimbal Disconnected - No Image Transmission
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I'm having an issue with my DJI P3 4K. It is currently not showing a connected gimbal and there is no image transmission signal to the drone itself. I have not had any hard crashes with the drone and this happened seemingly out of the blue. When it is stored, it's in a molded foam hardcase backpack and is not jostled around much. I did have an issue with the [size=14.6667px]grey pin cable that goes from the top of the gimbal into the motherboard of the drone breaking while attempting to refresh the connection between the two. Now I'm afraid it is not going to work no matter what I do. I've ordered a replacement cable for it, but in the meantime are there any other fixes I can look into?
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Hi. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused. With regards to this concern. Kindly please follow the steps from this link to refresh the firmware of your DJI Phantom 3 4k, If issue still persists after this troubleshooting step. I would recommend for you to contact our DJI support team to start up a ticket at ( ) for further assistance. Please note that the repair cost will depend on the said warranty period of the drone otherwise, valid charges will apply. Thank you.
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