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Mavic 2 Sensor falsely detecting object
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The reason for this post is to help someone that owns a Mavic 2 that won't fly forward with the forward and rear sensors turnded on. I searched the internet for a solution to my problem, and wasn't able to find any post where someone else had experienced and resolved the issue that I was having.

To be more specific, when the drone was in P-Mode (which automatically activates the forward and rear sensors) it would falsely detect an object causing the drone to apply the air brake. The only way I could move forward, was to turn off the forward and rear sensors in the settings, or to put the drone in Sports-Mode, which did this automatically.

I believe the cause for this malfunction was the previous owner having crashed the drone into a wall while demonstrating to me how well the sensors worked. He made two mistakes: 1) He had the drone in Sports-Mode (which deactivates all of the sensors.) 2) It was dark out, for which reason the sensors would not have detected the wall had the drone been in P-Mode. What he didn't realize, is that the sensors don't work in the dark.


I had to install the DJI Assistant 2 specifically for the Mavic. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to download the application specifically for the Mavic as I downloaded the application labeled "DJI Assistant 2," which would freeze at the last step when calculating/calibrating the drone. The problem was solved after having installed the correct application, and running the calibration.

3-18 13:54
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Thanks for sharing your experience with the drone, which would be very helpful to other customers who have the same problem. Enjoy flying.
3-19 18:08
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