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Phantom 4 pro poor radio channel quality og weak image transition
451 0 2020-3-22
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I've had my Phantom 4 pro for more than two years. It has worked fine. Now I have the problem of loosing connection with the aircraft. Standing next to the aircraft I'm conected, walking 2-3meters away, I get the warnig "weak immage trasnmition signal" and then "aircraft disconected". In the overal status I also see the radio chanel straingth going from "Good" to "Poor" all the time. I also get the warning om "Strong interfeance detected".
I have seen other people having the same problems, but I haven't seen the solution. Can anyone help?
I have reconected RC with aircraft, I have uninstaled and reinstaled teh DJI 4 Go ap, I have no "updated firmware needed" warnings. Still no improvements...
Help needed! Inge
Use props
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