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Phantom 3 advanced RC firmware version 1.9.2 does not work
2566 0 2020-3-22
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So tried to fly my drone Phantom 3 advanced after a long while. Everything was working fine, drone was about to take off. Something about IMU preventing take off. I'm waiting... retrying.... waiting... OK lets upgrade Remote controller firmware. Ok done. version 1.9.2. Now the RC turns on with a red led, won't connect to drone.

I have figured out the steps and found the menu where to downgrade RC firmware (press and hold upper right corner in dji go), but there is no older firmware to download. So please tell me where to find an older phantom 3 advanced RC firmware bin file so I can fly my drone again. Super annoying. Lots of people have reported the same problem in 2017 already and nobody has bothered to fix it. DJI GO is forcing 1.9.2 RC firmware as the only option. Super f**king annoying. I just wanted to fly a little.

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