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Inspire 1 Pro - FW is V01.11.01.52?
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New to the forums, so forgive me if this has been mentioned already.

I bought a second hand Inspire 1 Pro in relatively good condition, and it has worked fine for a good 6 months. However, the app has been telling me the firmware is out of date since I got it.

When I try to upgrade the firmware, it refuses and the log files just say:

The current firmware does not support downgrade. Use a different version of firmware to downgrade the target version.

I am using the latest version of the firmware from the official DJI website. I think the problem may be that the firmware installed on it by the previous user is in fact dodgy in some way, as it reports as 'V01.11.01.52' whereas the latest from DJI is 'V01.11.01.50'. As such, when I try to install the correct firmware the Inspire thinks that it is out of date.

Can anyone assist with this issue? I've linked both log files from the most recent attempt at upgrading the firmware below. (Note that I have experimented with changing the file name - hence the other errors)

Thanks a million in advance!
5-9 22:55
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