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HOW TO FIX Distance issues, random stuttering (air unit antenna)
2672 0 2020-7-7
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TLDR: Test/switch your DJI air unit antennas !

Today I've found something interesting, someone (a lot of you) should have the same problem at some time.

I had these problems: Decreased range, worse quality, a bit of stuttering (not so smooth) video... Stuttering happens randomly, after high g maneuvers and similar...

And found a problem: Internally failed DJI air unit antenna. It seems that these antennas can fail intermittently or even partly due to their design:



It broke a connection in 3 places in the top hub, in time it could break only one, connect when quad is moving and disconnect... In digital world this is nigthmare for the DJI protocol, I would guess.

I did try only one good antenna and bad antenna at least 3 times and the difference is night and day at 25 mw. Good antenna video is smooth and 0 stutters, at range it is failing gracefully and slowly... Bad antenna,- video randomly stutters, range is decreased, is failing more sharply and range is really bad...

How to figure out if this is your issue:
  • Visually: If the antenna is/was very bent, has clear stress marks near the connection - it might be bad. Try switching the antennas, it seems that DJI has a preffered antenna, and in my case I had a bad antenna in that place... Switched the antennas and it started working 10x better.
  • Testing in flight:
  • Test with 25 mw as this is easier and shown clear difference between the antennas for me;
  • Switch the antennas places and check for difference, some trees in your way might help for testing;
  • If switching doesn't help, try only one antenna in one or the other socket...
  • Try someones elses antennas...

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