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Product idea - office killer feature: OM as ActiveTrack Webcam
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Dear DJI developers,

I would love to use a Osmo Mobile as a ActiveTrack webcam in Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Co.

There are several possible solutions of integration. The easiest one: Just allow to disable all screen elements, so that the raw picture with ActiveTrack enabled can be recorded to a Mac/PC via USB cable. USB Studio does the rest (just see my screenshot as demonstration of my idea).

I am sure you will even find an easier solution without the need of bring OBS Studio into game ...

This would bring the product into a quite new market of office users.

Just a dream of me - and thousands of other casual online meeting participants?

Best regards,

P.S. After I own already an Osmo Mobile 1 & 3, this feature alone would be an argument to buy a new (OM4) one, because a professional PTZ Webcam is in a

OM3 as Webcam

OM3 as Webcam
8-31 23:12
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Second Officer
United States

Hi Peter - are you looking for a developer to do this for you or are you just asking DJI to submit this as a feature request?
9-8 15:13
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