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Osmo Pocket as Webcam for Zoom, Hangouts, etc?
998 2 9-10 04:02
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I have seen older queries for this, but it seems the Osmo Pocket would be a great extra USB camera for all of the remote work and meetings we have to do during the COVID pandemic.  If DJI has not updated the system to support being a live camera, then I feel like this product is a dead one.  All of the major camera makers have made software to make clunky old DSLRs great webcams.  I wish that DJI would get on that bandwagon.  They might sell a few hundred thousand more cameras since it is such a great device!

It already does everything that is needed except appear as an extra camera on my computer.
9-10 04:02
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Yeah, we either need that feature or them to document the protocol they use so that the open source community could code the missing USB driver.

It's obviously already able to stream its footage because that's what is done when you plug it to your phone so it's just there, we just need the USB driver on PC!
9-16 07:21
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United States

DJI - Please add a feature to use DJI Pocket 2 or DJI Osmo Pocket as a webcam. Other manufacturer providers have added ability to use as a web camera. Brands like Panasonic Lumix, GoPro, Feiyu Pocket, Canon. If you add this I will buy DJI Pocket 2. Thanks!
10-26 16:40
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