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DJI FOCUS and slave controller Inspire1/2
547 0 2020-9-14
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Recently acquired an "almost" new DJI Focus Remote for my Inspire 1 raw drone.  I absolutely love it because now all the focusing problems I was having are gone AND I can do a true rack focus when flying close to objects.

That said, the DJI Focus only works on my master controller.  If I plug the CAN Bus into the slave controller it will control the focus on the X5, but the slave controller loses control of the gimbal, and I obviously can't have that.  The only way to get full functionality of the master and slave controller is to have the DJI Focus plugged into the master controller.  Then the master controller works as it should, the DJI Focus controls focus, aperture and zoom, and the slave controller controls the gimbal.

I'm primarily a ground level filmmaker, but trying to expand our company to aerial work.  On the ground, we always have a seperate focus puller, but with the drone; I want to be able to focus on flying while my camera operator deals with camera and focus.

Am I doing something wrong?  The user guide doesn't mention anything about master/slave functionality and there is nothing online I can find.

I can't imagine DJI would have the DJI Focus only work with the master controller.  I know the DJI Focus works with the Inspire 2 X5S and X7 as well so any advice from these users would be appreciated.


1)  Am I doing something wrong with settings, setup?
2)  Does the DJI Focus only work with the master controller?
3)  Do others have a seperate focus puller when using this system?
4)  Did DJI not think this through?

Thx in advance.

Use props
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