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Detect Drone restart on battery change
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Is there a way in the mobile SDK to detect when the drone has physically been restarted/rebooted?
I want to call the product disconnect and reconnect functions when the drone battery is changed. Currently when I change the battery I have to either
- restart the remote controller

- physically remove the usb cable and reconnect to trigger a product reconnect
- restart the app or bakground/foreground the app

Without running the product disconnect and reconnect functions the drone is in a weird state and I get 'Navigation Mode not open' when trying to start a mission.

I have already tried startListeningOnComponentConnectionUpdatesWithListener, startListeningOnProductConnectionUpdatesWithListener, componentConnectedWithKey and componentDisconnectedWithKey but none of these seem to be triggered when the drone is powered off and back on while the remote is still connected to the app.

Drone: Mavic Pro
SDK Version: 4.13.1
10-3 14:00
Use props

South Africa

setComponentListener can listen the connectivity status change.
10-9 02:04
Use props
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