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Please improve Active Track
253 2 2020-11-22
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Hong Kong

I tested many times on Active Track selfie.
Using 1080p 60fps by P40pro or iPhone6s
Not pass
Please help to improve on next update


Use props

I've seen so many videos on YouTube where the poster is doing a vlog and for no apparent reason, the gimbal starts tracking up and down, a kind of nodding movement, from the top of their head to below their chin.  Seriously needs a firmware tweak.

That aside, it would be handy to have an option for the ActiveTracking to behave like the Fimi Palm tracking does - which locks onto any face it sees when it's not already locked.  That means that you put the device on a table or stand, lock it onto you, walk out of the room, walk back in, and it will pick you up.  Admittedly it would pick up anyone else who walked in, which why it would be best as an option not a permanent way of tracking.

With the Palm, you can have hours of lockdown fun by putting it in front of a TV where there's a discussion between a couple of presenters going in, and it energetically flips from one to the other as they go in and out of shot.

Use props
DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello there SakaKen. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. I will forward these information and this thread to the designated DJI department for further attention. All significant suggestions or requests will be implemented after the evaluation of the DJI Engineers. For the latest DJI updates please stay tuned to our DJI official website at Thank you.
Use props
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