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Ronin S camera compatibility
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J Smith
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Can we get support on the Ronin S for the  canon T8i (EOS 850D),

without the  update we have 2 expensive pieces of equiptment that we cant fully use.

The camera knows its plugged into something but just becomes  unresponsive until its unplugged. Dont forget to hear the needs of your customers.

1-6 23:41
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United States

i just got the Canon T8i  and bought the DJI SC and wanted to use the active tracking feature just to find out it’s not compatible with the T8i please update the software
6-11 09:47
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Hi all,

I was looking to buy a gimbal and it seemed that the best one out there was a DJI one.  I looked everywhere to see if ANY gimbal was supported for any brand of gimbal - everywhere I searched just lead me to a dead end.  I even contacted DJI support myself.  They just pretty much said that they haven't tested it yet and that it might work if I tried it, but it wasn't guaranteed to work.  I thought that seeing that the previous two cameras of this series (T6i and T7i) were supported and not the T8i (850D), puzzled me.  I even checked wiki to have a look at all the EOS camera list and other cameras that were newer than my 850D and that were compatible with the gimbal.  It was really confusing because the operating system that the 850D runs on seemed to be the same as the newer cameras that were compatible too.  So I just decided to buy the Ronin-S the other day and hope for the best.  I have tested it myself and it turns out the the latest firmware update (Jan, 2021) for the gimbal actually supports this camera.   Was stoked!  So even though the 850D isn't on the 'compatible cameras list', I can confirm that it works.

Hope this helps someone out there as it surely would've helped me.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

8-22 02:52
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