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OSMO action nightlapse
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I don't want to buy the competitor's product but the competition has a useful feature that the Osmo action is missing.
I'd like to take timelapses which show day-to-night sequences. Currently, the Osmo Action is unable to do this, but I feel that with a software adjustment it will be possible.


>The osmo action does great night timelapses if you use manual settings of 8+ sec shutterspeeds.

>However, come daytime 8 sec shots will be overexposed to the point that your pics are completely white.

>Auto exposure is great for daytime timelapse but it does not work at night as its slowest shutter speed is 1/8 sec.

>As a result Osmo action cannot take day-to-night timelapses due to software limitations

Solution: Osmo action needs is the ability to take longer than 1/8 sec shots in auto mode. Perhaps it could gain a dedicated nightlapse mode with specific settings for this mode. It naturally requires the ability to make in-camera videos of the timelapse as this feature is indispensible.

Is this realistic, or should I go to the competition? (the competition has this mode but no in-camera video making which is why I hope that DJI can do this)

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+1 great idea.
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