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M600 Pro + Manifold 2 + OSDK / Getting video onboard
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I'm working on an application with an M600 Pro and need to get the  video feed from the Z3 camera to an onboard device for basic processing.

The Manifold 2 seems to be ideal for this application, but there are  some major problems:
The manifold-cam project on Github ( seems to be abandoned. No meaningful commits in last years. Support questions go unanswered, including this one: dji-sdk/Manifold-Cam#15 which is exactly like a problem I have encountered.
The Manifold 1 seems to have been designed for only the M100/M210. It  uses 8-pin connectors for the cam in and cam out, while the gimbals on  the M600 use 7 pin cables.

For the Manifold 2 it is said it could use Ethernet over USB, but it is unclear where to connect it to M600.

Is there a way to connect the Manifold to the  Lightbridge 2 directly or camera gimbal with the M600 Pro wiring?

Is there any other way to get video from a DJI gimbal to an onboard device?

4-3 13:39
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