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I hope this is not already posted somewhere but I have just a few questions for developers. You developed such a good and versatile app and you put a lot of effort into it but why there is nothing like iso settings, auto focus, manual WB? Not sure if you have this allowed for Iphones because I could see on youtube there was or still is that option but me as Android user I dont have this option at all. It is impossible to shoot video/photo in the same quality and settings I can do with other apps. This app is usefull just for a few thing only in this case. Could this be fixed and/or added to the app please? Otherwise people will better stick to other apps on the market. Thank you!

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Hi, PavelM. Thanks for reaching out and posting your concern. Currently, some functions aren't available when using the latest DJI Mimo with Android devices (commonly the FPS, ISO, Shutter, and EV settings) but we'll forward this feedback to our developers. If such options are available to your native camera app, it is suggested to use your native camera's app temporarily. After the evaluation of the engineers, significant suggestions or requests will be implemented via the firmware update, app update, etc. For any updates, please stay tuned to the latest news on our DJI official website at or by checking the Release Notes specific for the DJI Mimo and the DJI OM4. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.
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