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DJI FPV Review
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DJI FPV Review

I live in Spain, and I decided that after a bit of researching, it would be a fun experience to buy the DJI FPV drone. I bought it off of because of the time that it would arrive in, and like always, I was not let down, although I didn't leave a review on there.

My overall impression of this drone was that it's clearly new and modern. This drone is honestly amazing for beginners, and this is because of one reason; it's simple. The buttons on the controller are easy to learn, and yes, maybe you could find that somewhere else, but what pushes the DJI FPV drone from all the other ones is it's efficiency too. Normally FPV drones have at about 10 minutes of flight time, but with this drone, which even without knowing DJI made it, it's clearly DJI's creation, is somewhat specifically created to suit your needs, because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Now I'm not saying that this isn't best suited for people who want to have a challenge, but it has this unmistakable element in it, the Da-Jiang Innovations feature, which is set to impress the beginners who buy this drone. The other drone pilots who are not beginners though, also are able to truly experience this first person view from astonishingly high quality V2 goggles, which I might also add that they have a lot of initiative, but a small discomfort is that there's this sound of air passing through to keep it cool which is really annoying, but nothing we can't survive through.

This drone has a few options of changing the top shell, which I believe to be interesting and fun because you could spray paint it and create your own design, which I wrote about in another article. Additionally, the motion controller is very comfortable because it's not only fun to experience, but the way you move your drone changes into something more reliable, because whether you move your hand smoothly or not, the device itself stays stable, and even though most people use the controller itself, buying the motion controller might be for people who want a little something more.

In a review you obviously need the pros (if there are any), but there also cons, things in which to improve or change entirely. The DJI drone is something very new, but like they said, it's here to redefine flying. A problem that I don't believe there needs any fixing but is still a bit discomforting is the sound the FPV drone makes when it turns on. I talked with a few of my friends and they agreed that it's somewhat there to remind you about what could happen if you crash it, because the sound seems deadly. Like I mentioned before, it's nothing that needs immediate care, but would be nice to fix it. Additionally, I was saddened to find out that you certainly need the goggles to fly the drone, and that you're not able to do it without them, and if the goggles are maybe in repair or you simply just do not want to wear them, you are not given this option, and so it makes flying without the goggles obsolete. Sure, maybe you would be perfectly ok with wearing them, but once again, that's not everyone. Another little problem I found with the FPV drone was that going upwards with the motion controller was a bit difficult, and if I wanted to lift the drone up at a certain time, it would take me a few seconds to do what I wanted. What I've written here about the drone and it's accessories aren't so much as problems, but discomforts, something ready to be fixed yet not in a hurry.
Some examples of the drone being efficient is clearly seen everywhere, because photography is something that takes time, and if you don't feel comfortable with the video you took, DJI is basically offering their drones and accessories for your accomodation by maximising the flight time of the drone, which I believe to be 20 minutes, something very impressive if I might add.

Overall, this drone is something new, something that is going to change the game entirely, and I believe that buying this drone would be essential if you're looking for something fun yet interesting, so ladies and gentlemen, this is where the DJI factor and element can clearly be seen.

Thank you for reading this and hope it helped!

4-7 23:02
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Flight distance : 1243005 ft
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Thanks for sharing.
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