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344 1 2021-5-14
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does anyone have a solution to make a Youtube Stream ?

Because I can make tickets to DJI but to see this is not a problem for  them, We ask you for information like the last firware on IPAD, DJI, etc  ... as well as screenshots
of the problem but we never sees a solution. Selling is perfect but  solving a problem of great importance does not bother them more than  that.

FYI we cannot stream via Facebook because this is not a dedicated platform and made for this kind of thing.
We want to do it through Youtube.  Do you have the worry to connect via YTube?
  and do a live stream?  

Thank you for your feedback  IPad latest version, as well as the DJI 2 Pro Mavic

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Good luck with that.

I first asked over 2 years ago and its still not resolved for me and I've used every single firmware version from DJI on both aircraft & Controller since the SmartController was first released in January 2019 to current with no joy.

They obviously don't care...

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