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Pixel 4XL - Tello app not saving video
2117 1 2021-5-15
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United Kingdom

I'm a Pixel 4XL user (Android version 11, security update 5th May 2021, Google Play system update 1st March 2021) and found that the Tello app did not save the videos for either of the two flights I took my brand new drone on today; this was very disappointing (we drove 50+ miles and hiked another 8 miles into the Scottish countryside, hoping to use the drone to capture video of the amazing scenery).  The drone was purchased just over two weeks ago (Scottish weather = not many flights) and the app is the latest version (released 7th January 2021).

Permissions:  the Tello app has permission to access my files and media, and it has access to my location only when the app is running.  No permissions are denied.

The app is able to save photographs, but not videos.  The app has created a folder in the root of my phone's Internal Storage called `TelloVideo` but this folder is empty.  I *definitely* hit record on my phones screen before takeoff, and saw the record time counting up before I began flying it.

Perhaps future versions of this drone should have a microSD card slot, rather than relying on the WiFi connection to the phone and the Android app to be able to record footage?

I note this thread which seems to have a number of other Pixel phone / Tello drone users having exactly the same problem.  Google's Pixel phone series is very popular, and indeed Google is the originator of the Android operating system, so it seems weird why it won't work on Google's own phones, and that this issue has not been picked up through DJI's QA process (was the app not tested on a Google Pixel-series phone?).  Is a fix for this issue in development, or should I pay the $5 USD for the 3rd party app (as others have done) in order to be able to use my drone?

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My best advice would be to get Tello FPV.  I was unable to capture  video on my Samsung Galaxy S7 with the stock app.  With Tello FPV I've had no issues.  The stock app seems to work much better with iOS devices.
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