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Raw license
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Continent Kofi
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I will need some clarification from dji about transferring raw license from a crashed Drone to a new drone.
5-19 15:42
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DJI Susan


Hi Continent Kofi, the license cannot be transferred to the new drone you purchase. In your case, you can send the crashed drone back to DJI for repair.
Please fill out the online repair request at and send it back.
We will do our best to help this out.
5-19 23:48
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DJI Gamora


Hi, Continent Kofi. Thanks for reaching out! Please refer to DJI Susan's response.

5-20 00:01
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First Officer
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What the admins are saying is not entirely true

I have personally sent my Inspire 2 (water damaged on the main board but not crashed) back to DJI and they replaced it with a refurbished one with the licences transferred.
The trick is you'll have to buy the "new" (refurbished) drone from the DJI repair wing. basically they'll tell you it's not worth repairing but can offer a replacement for whatever the cost happens to be.

So it is possible to have the licence transferred, but you cant transfer it to a drone you bought from a local dealer etc outside of the DJI repair center, as far as I am aware.
5-21 11:33
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