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The half effort SDK releases
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Whats going on with the DJI SDK? On the M300 for example and the controller hand off function? You know the one that works in Pilot! Why cant someone port code over for the SDK to support it? What about the ability to control the HDMI output instead of duplicate only? What about the Split view on the M300 visual and thermal? Its very apparent its a half effort on DJI's end. I've requested features been told this and that talked to the new SDK guy who dosent even have a clue. Hell you don't really need to put in any work on the IOS side since no one can submit a new application to the apple store even.  Its like a bunch of newbies in the SDK team. Call up the pilot team and tell them you need code to support users, developers.
6-29 14:28
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And I believe that the DJI team should not release an SDK for Android, because I program for IOS and I do not need an Android SDK! DJI, release the iOS SDK.
6-29 22:49
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DJI should release iOS and Android SDK at the same time. I know that this means a lot of IT work. Both platforms has its advantage and disadvantage.

Android Java is outdated
Xcode Objective-C is outdated

Android Kotlin is state of the art
Xcode Swift is state of the art

Kotlin is now available on Xcode Swift

Why not simplify the world

Android Kotlin
Xcode Swift Kotlin

I can live with that
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