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Mode 2 Stick Functions work and the DJI FPV radio controller
1737 0 2021-8-8
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I am a total newbie to FPV.

I have a GEPRC Crocodile Baby 5 with the DJI digital system (uses the DJI V2 FPV goggles and the DJI radio controller).  It is my first drone.

I was having trouble flying it ( ant take off the drone would start drifting back and to the right in angle mode without me even touching the right joy stick) when an observer noted the problem and asked if I had calibrated the accelerometer on a level surface. I had not but I have now.

In a few online videos calibrating the accelerometer on a level surface the pilot would have the drone take off hovering then use Mode 2 Stick Functions to get the trim perfect to stop any drifting. In all videos an analog system is being used.

Do these Mode 2 Stick Functions work with the DJI radio controller to adjust the trim?

Mode 2 Stick Functions.jpg
Use props
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