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customized sensor
137 0 2022-2-24
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South Korea

Hello, DJI.

I am undergraduate student in south korea and studying(working) in an university laboratory.
I have a question about using a customized sensor.

Now, our lab is developing customized sensor which is connected to drone.
We are now using the M200 and planning to move on to the M300 RTK.
I heard that I can use the customized sensor with x-port, but then how should I connect the sensor to the x-port?

The sensor has only a LAN port and send data packets through the line.
I have the PSDK development board ( STM32F407IG ) and just have used it on M200 with skyport v1.
But on M300 RTK with X-PORT, as far as I know, there is no direct port for connecting development board, and should use additional expansion board.

In this case, I think that I can't fully use the gimbal function of X-Port.
So I want to ask that how can I use X-Port with customized sensor. Have to give up gimbal function and then just use skyport v2?...

I don't understand the documentation information that RTOS can't use high-speed data transmission function.
May I ask what does this mean? Just for PSDK based payload?

Thank you for your help.

// Information //
Drone : M200 -> M300 RTK
Development board : STM32F407IG ( DJI recommend )
Drone - Payload interface hardware : Skyport v1 -> X-Port
PSDK version : PSDK v1.5.3 -> PSDK v2.2.1

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